What A Life?


God is my alpha

This was recorded September 2nd, 2015. That was a long time ago

Maybe instead of asking “why do something instead of nothing,” we should be asking “why should you upload podcast episodes you’ve already recorded instead of not upload podcast episodes you’ve already recorded.” It’s a tough question, and it will obviously take months more of quasi-philosophy by your main bros Paul and Ryan to figure it out.

Fun trivia time!

Vangelis and Kraftwork (kraftwork and vangelis started goofing with electronics at PRETTY MUCH the same time, so ryans theory is wrong. they’re just different)

Pauls favorite street in new york nonsensical road by grand central??

We’re solving productivity, personal happiness, then world happiness

Progress report

paul can’t finish a draft of an article

ryan made a video of his family vacation video

defining your audience might be the key!!!?

todd Teere “its album time”

pauls review of tree of life


my brother and me t shirt, home made

me ryan teaching paul and my brother to edit in premiere

hi, thanks for reading the show notes

Homework town? What is this part called

authenticity is negging reality?

we’re all lookin for something to be our dad

do we have to be our own alpha?

is god a placebo allowing you to become your own alpha?

if you could change one thing about god, what would it be?

paul explains spirit biology/physics maybe

the holy trinity

plz plz let heaven be real