What A Life?


Sleeping on a warm pile of mall pretzels

Hey, you think Paul will ever finish this project he’s working on? Probably not, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

even though ryan is currently embarrassed by ep 7, at the beginning of episode 8, he remarks that ‘last week, ep 7, is where we hit our stride’ … WHAT?!

u can get high and talk to us, but not too high

there’s a bunch of conflicting evidence on asking coworkers about their pay, it leans toward ‘do it’, but recognize it’s touchy.

Progress report

paul’s thing on wifi

nobody wants creativity 4 real. I think i heard it on a podcast? But heres a slate article that says the same thing pretty much

ryan is still very this week, sry about my tude, idk, maybe thats just really me, im lookin at the , man in the mirror


We talk about paul’s note solution and ryan’s note beginnings

Feel free to take paul’s notes categories:

  • notes
  • programming
  • philosophy
  • science
  • ethics
  • god

Feel free to take ryan’s notebook categories

  • animals
  • bees and pollen
  • biomimicry
  • cancer
  • dna
  • dolphins
  • global warming
  • meat
  • general
  • space

paul’s notes fail him, rly hard

idk about this dolphin research, no reaaalll progress since i first heard

pauls reading comics, ryans reading snow crash

Idea zone

‘you can throw that idea away’ is harsh but heres a persons recap of the ep with clips and she recreates a photo???

some fan art making her look like a bratz doll??

hi, boys

sleeping on a bed of mall pretzels

illegal for dogs to use the internet

reproducing amazon boxes

raptors tearing up legal docs in the back of a truck

we didnt add free ideas as a regular part of the show

Well I, ryan, don’t like myself again. I think the numbers are waning, that’s good