What A Life?


Are we livestock in a content farm?

I, ryan, would prefer if no one listened to this ep cause he’s embarrassed about his bravado and know-it-all demeanor. please skip this episode or just stop listening to this show all together. paul was good though.

I, paul, am currently employed in content and hope I didn’t say anything I’ll regret.

This episode was recorded in like August or September of 2015. That’s a long time ago!

Special ASMR Edition

asmr mr rogers

“It’s like the two most polite people the world has seen got together to make a vase.” - Ben Potter, a youtube commenter and probably a human.

re-foleying the matrix w/ asmr sounds

commander mark aka Mark Kistler

Progress report (it goes on for a while because we didn’t have homework)

ryan’s steppin high and broods about life on ‘the content farm’

he did not continue his show ‘walk show’ much longer “idk why” -me almost a year later

We try to break down the farm metaphor

we hurt everyone around us

ryan’s got a hard tude

casey neistat

conan string dance

advice for casey neistat

caseys studio

ze frank brain crack


ryan doesn’t like the word ‘creative’

paul thinks Ridley Scott’s Legend has the best visual aesthetics for medieval times

i feel bad that i was making it seem like it was okay to be mean to people even if you feel like you’re doing great art

Homework for next week

paul said “Snow Crash” has a good metaverse descriptions

Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Frank by Jim Woodring and the other comics ryan sent to paul

“Garden” by Yuichi Yokoyama

and “By This You Shall Know Him” by Jesse Jacobs

you’re so small that even if you lost your job, or you’re a bum, or you’re super rich, look it still doesn’t matter, you’re nothing