What A Life?


Tavi for President

We talked about The Denial of Death, a book. It gets a little heavy. Paul maybe thinks casual sexism is funny. Tavi Tavi Tavi.

This was recorded in August 2015. Ryan still worked at The Verge, Paul still lived in Washington with his parents.

Progress report

writing down vignettes

frog girl drawing (attached)

learning cinema 4d

dota 2 vive vr

i think i did a good job on this vid about the matrix effects dude

trump drama? megan kelly yelling black lady rant , the other one always agreeing with her. v watchable.

Homework town

denial of death

we’re masses of men sweating in the nightmare of creation

(“agape complex” is not a thing)


tavi early profile

tavi is great

tavi for president 

as above so below

aka macrocosm and microcosm

role conflict

your shirt is sexist

guy who said men and women shouldn’t work together

blood cement / covenant of gangsters

the sculptor, by scott mccloud

who is my god?

Immortality project

david brin existance

“i got a little bit screamo about it” - ryan

Homework for next week