What A Life?


Leonardo da Vinci’s Brand Activation for Pepsi at SXSW

The name pretty much says it all. Really this episode is about how we read Plato’s Republic and we took it very seriously we swear.

Progress report

paul’s math

levitated mass

gaudí church

throwback video game style


norwegian wood by the beatles

4th time around by bob dylan

Homework town

plato’s republic (we listen to the abridged audiobook)

plato’s timocracy

hitchhikers guide, ruler of the universe

overton window (adi’s article)

overton window wikipedia


brand activation

leonardo da vinci

Homework for next week

the denial of death by ernest becker


Ryan says “deference,” like the word, “defer,” ex. “to defer a student loan,” and that’s not actually a word. He meant “transference” when talking about the “the denial of death.” Transference meaning transferring the terror of death onto a manageable thing like a job or washing your hands a lot (in the case of OCD).

Paul says Euler like “Bueller” but really it’s supposed to sound exactly like “oiler”.