What A Life?


Price of prices

recorded Nov 4 2015

Earlier this week we posted the first ep of this podcast

Ryan got a Google router and his network name is the surfer emoji

Ryan works at Bloomberg now, (spoiler: he no longer does)

Progress report

Paul worked hard (on this very website) and earned 3 guilt free hours

Ryan tells people to lie to him about deadlines so he can get things done ahead of time, upon retrospect , this is pretty immature, a real maverick attitude

Ryan finished episode three of the Trashcast

Ryan’s gf Ana did the graphic design for the website and podcast ‘skeleton on the cake’ artwork

How do you live without guilt?

PUMP TRACKS: The only fun thing in the world


capitalism : why does paul love it and why has Ryan been taught it’s evil?

We read “The Use of Knowledge in a Society” by Friedrich A. Hayek (1945) it’s about the magic of ‘prices’

And listened to an ep of the podcast “The Partially Examined Life” about this topic

Paul thinks the gov should back off, man

Ryan thinks prices sound like the simple rules birds obey when then swarm, called murmurations

Or the way plant intelligence is described in the book, “Brilliant Green”

Pareto Efficiency - an economic state where resources cannot be reallocated to make one individual better off without making at least one individual worse off. Pareto efficiency implies that resources are allocated in the most efficient manner, but does not imply equality or fairness. -investopedia

The ‘Fundamental Welfare Theorem’ doesn’t account for Marketing and Ryan thinks that marketing is too significant to not consider.

Century Of The Self” (2002) a BBC Documentary about Public relations by Adam Curtis.

Upon reflection, my example of why marketing is bad …is bad. i could do better -ryan still watch that doc, though

The Article From The New Inquiry “Know Your Product” by Rob Horning

Wow we understand nothing .

What’s the stock market?

Are Dark pools Bad?

VR interfaces

“The Backyard Computer” paul pretty much invented spatial computing