What A Life?


The Attention Vampires

“What is your VR utopia?”

Does it involve Ryan ASMR? Does it involve Ryan losing his recording from last week so we have to recap what we talked about? (Comics, mostly). Does it involve waiting an entire year for Paul to post the episode?

All that’s real. We make your VR dreams come true.

Ryan is recording with two microphones taped to opposite sides of human head sized jelly filled smiley face stress ball.


it’s really annoying sounding. there was a dumb adapter that was buzzing, but i didnt hear it, i thought it sounded cool. hahaha. its so annoying to edit this.

thats the buzz maker.

Lost episode recap

we talk about Frank being beautiful “he’s got a dangerous imagination” - paul

paul says By this You Shall Know Him seems like a Veganism creation story “preachy”

Garden by Yuichi Yokoyama is very cool and reminds Paul of how mine craft bend the rules of reality using waterfalls as boat elevators. Ryan wishes Snow Crash’s Matrix was more like Yuichi Yokoyama’s world in garden.

Hacking in some stories like neuromancer is like a internal drive or force. just “wanting it more”

paul thinks we need a unified legal matrix with consensual rules and history. local blockchain type relations to keep everything under control but without the need for central control.

Progress report

ryan quit his job and is off this week.

he’s an attention vampire so he’s dancing on periscope. it’s sad or fine.

Paul wrote a plugin that blocks content. a content blocker called “Discontent”. {ad blockers were big in the news in the fall of 2015} stop wasting your time on ad supported BULLLSHITTTT

Carles(formerly hipterrunnoff) carles.buzz, the site is down now but i found his e-book “Nothing Matters” posted here

carles writes semi regularly for motherboard now

“something thats not actively nihilistic just doesn’t sound very useful” - paul

An important conversation

Whats your personal utopia? Build your custom matrix.

Pauls gonna fuuuckkk

ryan wants peoples attention. he’s building a binary matrix: one world like yuichi yokoyamas garden, where he’ll creatively navel gaze into the infinite and invite people to admire it and hang out, then another world where everyone looks and sounds exactly the same so everyone is neutral (i know this is a flawed idea, this is a fun podcast where we can talk about anything)

Rust nude bald man war

Ryan’s anonymous matrix might be VR 4chan and very very bad

“no matter what we build, and no matter what we try to do, were going to find a way to um…make it horrible” - paul on the concept of utopia and kind of everything

Ryan talks about his unfinished movie about the singularity that he wrote in 2008, it was maybe called ‘the artilect’ Please don’t rip it off unless you give me a lot of money please.

the book about plant intelligence ryan reading so he can maybe understand alien civilizations (a year later i can say it just made me understand people and life on earth in a different way). its really good

paul said ryan’s movie is reverse eden

The last question is probably the way to end the movie

paul wants cool and different physics

paul just wants to give people to ask for advice and to be celebrated for his good advice.

the new rockstars are reality creators and a new world opening is like an album release.

Let it be known, paul was very hyped on the AR aspect of pokemon go a year ago.

this is the end of season 1


Ryan’s gonna read “Brilliant Green”

Paul’s Reading “the information”